Kyzen Sports

As explained on the flyer which directed you to this page, we’re an accountancy firm specialising in helping athletes with their finances. We’ve partnered with IBB Boots to help their customers.

You’re eligible for a tax refund on the equipment you’ve purchased from IBB Boots because it’s necessary for you to do your job. Depending on the rate of tax you pay, you could get £90 back from HMRC on a £200 pair of boots.

Your refund is not limited to just this equipment, and we can help with collating all of your expenses, so you get the full refund that you’re entitled to. Fill in your details below so that we can contact you to get started, or give us a call on 0151 433 8777.

As you may have come across on this website, we also offer Business Advisory services. If you’d like to discuss these with us too, don’t hesitate to ask for more information when we give you a call!

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